Rhode Island



“The Ocean State” or “The Biggest Little State in the Union”?

Although the state of Rhode Island is the smallest of the fifty United States, it sure tries hard and packs more punch per capita than anywhere else in the Union!

ri_region_mapFor starters, the official state name is “The State of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations”, the longest of all the states. And they have not one, but two slogans!

The first, “The Ocean State”, refers to the fact that between the shores of the great islands (Aquidneck, which hosts Newport, and Jamestown, the centerpiece of Narragansett Bay), the many coves, shores and smaller bays of the great Narragansett Bay, and the long, straight coastline of southern Rhode Island, the state boasts over 400 miles of shoreline!

And their second slogan, “The Biggest Little State in the Union”, is no brag, just fact! No smaller space contains as much diversity in the entire world. From swimming to skiing, from farms to factories, from villages to major cities, it’s all right there within an hour’s drive – Rhode Island. There are world class restaurants throughout, the world famous Rhode Island School of Design museum, working and historic farms, and beaches, beaches, beaches.

Rhode Island is the most Democratic of all states and the most Italian! It’s also the most Catholic state in the union. Over half of Rhode Island’s square mileage is wooded and these protected areas boast 53 State Parks for every recreational pursuit, the most per-capita of any New England state. From hiking and bicycling to fishing, swimming and boating, outdoors is one great place to be in Rhode Island. The foliage is spectacular in the Fall and the camping is great starting in Spring and right through the Summer.

That’s a lot of “mosts” for such a small space, so let’s just say that “Rhode Island is the most!”