North West

Dividing up what most people would consider a small region to begin with into smaller areas may seem like splitting hairs. But, the diversity of this region demands attention to each of the exciting and entertaining locations which will be calling you during your Connecticut stay.

– Central Connecticut & New Britain The small town life enjoyed by all Americans from our very beginnings through the 1950s is still a “way of life” in this area. Halfway between Boston and New York City, you can visit almost anything this entire country has to offer in this microcosm of America. Flea markets, county fairs, arts festivals, museums, working farms, small towns, modern cities. All of these can be found in in Central Connecticut. The greatest attraction of the area is that its rural nature offers you the relaxation which the demands of modern life require as a component of any vacation. However, you can easily balance the quiet times with the fun and excitement which are within a short drive of your hideaway. Base your vacation in the great city of New Britain or just outside the city limits and everything is within your reach.

– Housatonic Valley & Bridgewater/Danbury Small towns, historic villages, and quaint shops dot the scenery as you drift through the past in the Housatonic Valley. Enjoy the quiet of country life all day – stop for some traditional fare at an in on one of the picturesque back roads, do some antiquing and enjoy the sunset over the rolling hills. The head into the Bridgewater/Danbury area for world-class dining and exciting nightlife. Return to your country inn for the evening or stay in one of the fine hotels in town and spend the day at some of the great museums and other attractions in town and treat yourself to some great shopping including some of the local and national factory outlets well-represented in the area.

– Litchfield Hills This area is true “New England”. The working and preserved farms give way to the rolling hills. As you wind through the hills and begin your ascent into the mountain area, you can stop for a swim or a picnic or just a stroll around one of the many mountain lakes and streams nestled in some of the best cared-for state parks in the land. Covered bridges, which draw tourists, photographers and artists from all over the world, span the streams and rivers which lead into the small towns and villages where the bandstand on the village green promises an evening concert after enjoying a home-cooked meal at one of the many great restaurants. Then retire to one of the ancient inns or B&Bs which flourish in the area for a truly relaxing, old-fashioned getaway.

– Waterbury Region A major city surrounded by incredible New England countryside. Who could ask for more! Truly the best of all worlds, this area is like getting a taste of everything New England has to offer in one convenient area. Museums, theatre, shopping, musical entertainment all await you in the city. To get away from it all, just drive out a few miles and you’ll find yourself in the heart of the best of what New England has to offer.