Great North Woods

The Great North Woods is one of the most heavily forested populated areas in the country. This is life in the woods as few places left in the country can offer.

Isolated from much of the rest of the state, the area is much like Canada, its closest neighbor, in that much of the population is French-speaking and there is a fierce determination to preserve not only the natural beauty of the area, but a way of life fast disappearing from the American landscape.

Horseback riding is a favorite among the young and old.  The modern world has naturally and by necessity worked its way into the woods in the shape of the great towns of Colebrook and Lancaster, both excellent home bases for you adventures in the wilderness. But it is the unlimited opportunities for hunting and fishing, camping and boating, exploring and wildlife-watching, snowmobiling and hiking which draw the outdoorsy and sports-minded to this almost untouched area of rugged beauty.