North East

– Heritage Valley The Heritage Valley of Connecticut is where it all began for this state. The first town was incorporated here and there are nine other towns in the area representing traditions from manufacturing to farming communities, college towns and businesses. You are also poised to make quick visits to Boston, Providence, Newport and New York. The towns are full of quaint shops, historical sites, great restaurants and wonderfull old inns.

– Quiet Corner If you’ve ever seen a postcard from Connecticut or an ad symbolizing small-town New England life, you already know what “Quiet Corner” is all about. Small towns popping up between working farms, cattle grazing by the river. There is a bounty of dining experiences here from upscale, country inn dining in the quaint town of Woodstock to roadside diners as you approach the Massachusetts border.

– Hartford Metro Area The capital city of Connecticut is the perfect place to base your stay in the Nutmeg State. A major metropolitan area, Hartford has everything a big city can offer – museums, nightlife, fine dining, great shopping. And its location offers you quick, easy access to everything else the state has to offer: the country, the beaches, New York city, a quiet New England village, casino gambling and entertainment or a concert on the village green. As the insurance capital of the world, Hartford itself is a sophisticated city which has undergone a great revival and offers world class entertainment, art and cultural attractions as well as a multitude of opportunities for the more intellectually minded. For the confirmed city dweller who would like a taste of what New England life has to offer without giving up the comforts and convenience of the big city, Hartford is the ideal place to center your stay in the Nutmeg State.