Dartmouth - Lake Sunapee

This historic region is a perfect example of how the great state of New Hampshire so often shows us two sides of the same coin. The area is world famous with those who love the great outdoors for its wilderness-like beauty and rugged terrain, but it is also the center of higher learning in the state and boasts one of the oldest colleges in the country!

Follow in the footsteps of our early settlers who used the mighty Connecticut River as a trail into the wonders of New Hampshire. Now, as then, the river provides both natives and visitors with a major sources of transportation, recreation, rich soil, manufacturing opportunities, and a secure state line. In olden times, the river was the state’s primary line of defense during the French and Indian Wars, its shores dotted with mighty forts, many of which still exist today.

At the town of Charlestown, one can relive the history of pre-revolutionary times in the well preserved villages and settlements. Although the river was the initial feature to set the region apart, it has since become famous for Dartmouth College, an Ivy League school of the first order which attracts students and scholars from the world over. Lake Sunapee, a crystal-clear body of water is protected by a State Park and bordered by majestic Mount Sunapee.

A perfect place to relax and reflect after the serious intellectual pursuits which defined the area – much the same way the relationship between Walden Woods and Boston has developed over the centuries. All within easy access of each other, the area’s features have something for everyone: for the outdoorsy person, there is mountain climbing, skiing, swimming, fishing, hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails, and a beautiful Wildlife

Refuge in the town of Newbury; for the less active, there is an abundance of history to the region, offering dozens of opportunities to delve into our history and relive the beginning of the glory which is New Hampshire.