Lakes Region

Lakeside cottages, cookouts in rest areas, lazy days in the warm sunshine with a cool breeze – the ideal family vacation from the 1950s and 1960s. The Lakes Region of New Hampshire is one of the only places in the country where you can relive those simpler, safer, carefree days.

lakes region NHMassive Lake Winnipesaukee is one of the largest lakes in the continental United States. It’s picturesque towns, each of which is a perfect example of postcard New England life and worth exploring for a day, and cottage and camping communities which dot the lakeshore are life as we knew it. Although all the modern convenience and amenities are available, the area has moved with the times without losing its charm from days past. For instance, there is a decades-old amusement attraction at Weir’s Beach (one of the lake’s major ports) which is housed in perfectly preserved buildings, but which features the most modern of video games. It is also the home of a national competition for players of the older arcade games from pinball up to PacMan and Pong, all of which are available as well as the new games. In addition to a multiplex in town, there is a still a Drive-In-Theatre, perfect for a family-oriented or romantic vacation evening!
Weirs Beach, know for hosting the Annual Motorycle week is always a great family spot. The Weirs offers swimming, fishing, boating, arcades and more…
The biggest attraction, year-round, of couse remains the lake itself. In summer, it provides the best of everything the water in New Hampshire has to offer: safe, clean swimming; abundant fishing; lazy cruises or sailing. In winter, there’s ice-fishing and -sailing, skating, skiing and plenty of well-marked snowmobiling trails.

Experience a good, old-fashioned, “real” vacation in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region!