Central Vermont

Central Vermont is the heart of this diverse and historic state. The traditional activities which made our country great and make up so much of our history, mining and quarrying, farming and cattle, craftsmanship and solid business practices, are not seen here as something to be recreated and remembered, it’s all still happening. It’s a way of life.

There are working farms which welcome visitors eager to explore our rural heritage. The valleys between the majestic mountains are not just historic locations, but living testaments to small-town America. The history behind these towns is represented by many historical attractions, museums and shopkeepers selling locally produced goods.

The covered bridges of Central Vermont are another feature which draw not only artists and photographers, but the historically minded and the serious researcher as well. Although once common throughout the country, covered bridges are all but a thing of the past. Central Vermont has managed to preserve 14 of the historic bridges which dot the landscape like paintings.

And dominating the area of course are the great Green Mountains. Winter, spring, summer or fall, there’s enough natural beauty to satisfy everyone. The Green Mountain National Forest is one of the most pristine and beautiful places in the country and offers an abundance of recreational and sight-seeing opportunities and an incredible look at New England in its true, natural state.

Centering the area is the city of Burlington. With it’s airport and location on Interstate 89, this is a great jumping off point. To explore the mountains, Lake Champlain area or to take a tour of the areas many historical sites and museums, Burlington offers a central location to use as a convenient base. With all the conveniences of a big city, the demeanor of a small town, and the rural countryside just outside the city limits make this the best of all possible places to experience Vermont.