Northern Vermont

To the north lie the areas known as the lakes and The Northeast Kingdom.

The area known as the Kingdom is one of the most natural and undisturbed areas in the entire country but it is easily accessible from the urban center of Burlington. The natural beauty and wonders of New England are presented like in no other place. Hiking, climbing, swimming and fishing is the finest in the land.

This area is where the past meets the present and preservation meets progress.

The Lakes area, which contain Vermont’s Islands & Farms, make it a great family destination. There are outdoor activities for every season and plenty of historical sites as well. The sailing – from lake to lake- is spectacular. The canoeing and kayaking on the Missisquoi River is breathtaking. The fishing is abundant. And the golfing is great.

In the winter, this same area has the greatest cross-country skiing in the state. The skating is wonderful. And the fishing moves indoors! Experience the excitement of ice-fishing from the comfort of a a cozy shanty right on the lake’s frozen surface!

Mountain climbing for the experienced or the novice is wonderful here. There are approaches for all skill levels and guides are plentiful for the less adventurous.

Massive Lake Champlain is a spectacular natural wonder, but it’s shores are dotted with great towns and many activities. There’s a lively arts community in the area. And the hiking, swimming, biking and diving are all great. Known as the “Sixth Great Lake”, Champlain is a great area for sailing or a sunset cruise. And who knows – you may even spot “Champ”, our own version of the Loch Ness Monster which has been sighted time and time again for over two centuries!