VERMONT – Tops in Recreation and Relaxation

Welcome to the wide open spaces and relaxing atmosphere ofVermont. As the most “rural” of all the United States (most square miles of protected areas, parks, farms and Regions in Vermontundeveloped real estate), Vermont offers unparalleled opportunities for a true “vacation” – relax in the wild, in the country, or in luxury. But don’t let that fool you! Vermont has four truly distinctive seasons offering plenty of recreational opportunities year-round. Although Vermont is the only New England state without a seashore, there’s an abundance of waterways, lakes and streams to satisfy anyone interested in water sports – swimming, boating, sailing, fishing – and there are many world-class ski areas and ski resorts which double in the off-seasons as areas for hiking, nature-gazing, climbing and biking. In addition, there are dozens of attractions thoughout the state to satisfy every member of your party and all age groups. Vermont is a perfect place to bring the family for a vacation they’ll never forget.

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