Aroostook County

Comprising Maine’s northernmost regions, Aroostock is the place for adventure! Whether hiking in the mountains or camping out while exploring in the great Allagash Wilderness, there is something for everyone year-round in the north.

Know as the “Thousand Lakes” region, in the Summer all of your freshwater activities can be enjoyed in Aroostock: Boating, Sailing, Fishing and Swimming.

A lone fisherman enjoys the serenity of a beautiful Maine lake.
There are hundreds of miles of Maine’s best Snowmobiling Trails to entice you into a return visit in the Winter, as well.

The area also contains some of the greatest farm country in the U.S. and produces over a million tons of potatos per year. Many of the farms offer tours and pick-your-own specials along with the farm-fresh produce for sale so that you can experience first-hand the great tradition of the American family farm.

There is much Canadian influence in the area as it juts up into southern Canada and, as Aroostock was one of the settling grounds for the exiled Acadians, there is a decidedly Cajun air to many of the towns and activities as well as a big Scottish influence from their neighbors in Nova Scotia, quite noticeable in the architecture.

Aroostock is probably the least commercialized of all of Maine’s regions and offers you an intimate look at the best of what Maine has to offer.




Quick Facts courtesy Aroostook County Government:

Aroostook County Population: 71,870 – US Census Bureau Data 2010.
Population is 5.4% of the State’s total population.
Originally part of Washington and Penobscot Counties.
Aroostook is named for an Indian word meaning “beautiful river”.
Incorporated March 16, 1839.
Contains 2 cities, 54 towns, 11 plantations, and 108 unorganized townships.
Density is 11.1 persons per square mile.
Area – 6,672 square miles (21.6% of the state’s area): 89% of the County’s area is forest, 1% lakes, ponds and rivers, 10% cultivated farmland.
Houlton is the Aroostook County seat, with offices in Caribou and Fort Kent.
Maine’s northernmost county bordered to the east, west and north by Canada.
Aroostook County is larger than Connecticut and Rhode Island combined.
Major crops: broccoli, potatoes, hay, small grain rotation crops.
Site of two transatlantic balloon crossing launch sites.
Aroostook County is home to the Allagash Wilderness Waterway.