New Hampshire State Facts

Admission to Statehood: June 21, 1788 – 9th state

Size: Area: 9351 sq. mi., Land 8969 sq. mi., Water 382 sq. mi., Coastline 13 mi., Shoreline 131 mi.,

Population: 1,235,786

Largest Cities: Manchester, Nashua, Concord, Derry, Rochester, Salem, Dover, Merrimack, Londonderry, Hudson

Highest Point: Mt. Washington; 6288 feet
Lowest Point: Atlantic coast; sea level

Nickname: Granite State

Flag: The body or field is blue and bears upon its center in suitable proportion and colors a representation of the state seal. The seal is surrounded by a wreath of laurel leaves with nine stars interspersed.

Flower: Purple lilac – Syringa vulgaris

Bird: Purple Finch

Song: “Old New Hampshire” – words by Dr. John F. Holmes and music by Maurice Hoffmann.

Tree: White birch – Betula papyrifera

Motto: Live free or die


Agriculture: Dairy products, nursery stock, cattle, apples, eggs.

Industry: Machinery, electric equipment, rubber and plastic products, tourism.