Massachusetts Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Resident Fishing
Resident – Minor (Age 15-17) Fishing FREE
Resident Fishing (Age 65-69) $16.25
Resident Fishing (Age 70 or Over, Paraplegic, Blind, Mentally Retarded) Free
Non-Resident Fishing $37.50
Non-Resident Fishing – 3 Day $23.50
Non-Resident Fishing (Age 15-17) $11.50
Resident Citizen Hunting $27.50
Resident Hunting (Age 65-69) $16.25
Resident Hunting (Paraplegic) Free
Resident Alien Hunting $27.50
Non-Resident Hunting – Big Game $99.50
Non-Resident Hunting – Small Game $65.50
Non-Resident – Commercial Shooting Preserve (1 Day) $10.00
Resident Hunting – Minor (Age 15-17) $11.50
Resident Sporting (Fishing & Hunting Combined) $45.00
Resident Sporting (Age 65-69) $25.00
Resident Sporting (Age 70 and Over) Free
Resident Trapping $35.00
Resident Trapping – Minor (Age 15-17) $11.50
Resident Trapping (Age 65-69) $35.50
Duplicate Fishing $2.50
Duplicate Hunting $2.50
Duplicate Trapping $2.50
Archery Stamp $5.10
Waterfowl Stamp $5.00
Primitive Firearms Stamp $5.10

These fees are for freshwater fishing.

Fees for first resident license, all non-resident licenses, free licenses, duplicate licenses and stamps include a $5.00 fee for the Wildlands Conservation Stamp. Fee for a duplicate (replacement) resident license in calendar year does not include $5 Wildlands Stamp fee. Non-residents purchasing a duplicate license must pay the $5 Wildlands Fee. If you are a resident who buys a fishing license for yourself and then buys a hunting license later in the year, you do not have to pay for another Wildlands Stamp fee (or vice versa). Non-residents are required to pay the Wildlands Stamp fee for each license purchased for themselves.
City and town clerks must add an additional $1.00 and other sales agents may add up to an additional $1.50 service fee to the price of each license sold. There is no service fee charged for the purchase of licenses at MassWildlife offices.
Licenses are only good for the calendar year–they expire at the end of December.

Please visit for additional information or price changes.