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62 NH Rt. 119W Fitzwilliam, NH 03447
42.7803946, -72.1459266
(603) 585-9000

Cozy Accommodations in an Old-World Setting

A community anchor for over 220 years, the Fitzwilliam Inn has been a welcome haven for locals and weary travelers alike.
At 1200 feet above sea level, the Inn sits on one of the most preserved and pristine town commons in the state of New Hampshire. We enjoy a winter view of Mt. Monadnock, which is just five miles away.
We offer lodging, fine food and drink in an atmosphere of warm New England hospitality and welcome your visit any time of year.

About The Inn & Fitzwilliam NH

The Fitzwilliam Inn was built in 1796 as a stop on the old coaching road system between Boston and points north.
As an anchor of the community for over 220 years, the Inn has been a haven for weary travelers and locals alike.
Our goal as Innkeepers is to bring true New England hospitality back to the Fitzwilliam Inn. We are devoted to offering the finest in food, drink, lodging and entertainment to our visitors, whether they are from across the street, across the nation or around the world.

The Town of Fitzwilliam
The town of Fitzwilliam was founded in 1764. In the following 35 years, the town grew in number to 1200 people. The turn of the 19th century beheld the town as a thriving, self-sufficient community, possessing several dozen local businesses in addition to the surrounding hill farms. The women and men of that bygone era lived off the fruits of the earth, producing their own livestock, fresh fruits and vegetables, and shared music and dance with their neighbors in community.

The arrival of the railroad in 1848 brought commercial industry to the region, and the quarrying of granite was one of the largest of these industries. Although the quarry industry began fading in the 1930’s and is now obsolete, the picturesque nature of many quarries and their vistas remain throughout the hills and valleys of the town and are an easy hike from the Inn.

Fitzwilliam Village changed little over the first 150 years. The village common is still renowned as a most pristine New England center, bearing little change from the 1860’s. The majority of the houses in the village date from the 1850’s and stone walls feather the woods surrounding the area. Much is captured and honored in the fantastic Historical Society Museum, located just across the street from the Inn.

Today, some 220 years later, Fitzwilliam is a thriving town filled with natural and historic delights. We are proud to be a part of this community and invite you to experience the charm and beauty that can only be found in our quaint little corner of the world!

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