Vermont's Fall Foliage

Vermont’s Fall Foliage

Reprinted courtesy of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce

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Fall foliage in Vermont is most effected by the length of daylight. As the end of August approaches the day light hours get shorter and in turn signal the trees to slow the production of chlorophyll. The yellow, orange and red colors which were always present in the leaves are revealed as the dominant green breaks down. Beeches and elms turn yellow, sugar maples change orange and red, and ashes and hickory show red or purple. This in combination with unique rolling hills and valleys result in the spectacular color found only in Vermont.

The usual peak foliage viewing occurs from the last week in September through the Columbus Day weekend. Peak viewing begins on the Canadian border and progresses South.

Vermont’s fall foliage is a phenomenon that simply begs to be photographed. Here are some tips to make sure your shots will capture some of the magic that occurs across the state each autumn.

Fall Foliage Photo Tips

Think Small
The vistas are stunning in real life, but don’t always carry over the same to a 4X6 print. Often the most evocative images of fall are close-ups: a single leaf against a contrasting background, pumpkins on a wooden wagon, cornstalks against a red barn.

Pick Your Spot and Get Lost
It seems that great vantage points for photos are everywhere you turn in Vermont. But just a few extra steps can reward you with an out-of-this-world shot. Go off the beaten path and discover something new. Vermont is full of backwoods that lead to amazing scenery, and amazing people. Check with locals for pockets where the colors are particularly vibrant.

Don’t Put Your Camera Away
In addition to the magic hour, the best times for shooting the autumn colors is when its cloudy and/or rainy. While the sky may be dark and dreary, you will notice that all the colors really pop out. Some of the richest color can be found when leaves are wet, standing out in front of dark, wet tree trunks. It’s also smart to keep your camera handy at all times, because you never know when a great photo opportunity will present itself.

Break the Rules
Rules are made to be broken. While these tips should help you on your way to better photographs, sometimes doing something altogether different or “wrong” will produce the best and most creative results. Most important is to let your creative juices flow and have fun!

“Photo Tips” courtesy of Information provided by Bruce Amsden.